Networking people and ideas.

Vision and Mission

Wedjaa is a link between customer's needs and satisfaction, with open standards and open software.

We started up our journey creating solutions simply to support the needs of customers in several sectors. Now we are able to understand and anticipate those needs.

Today we follow up on our ideas about customers' wants and deliver it to the market as delivery ready solutions.

We believe Open Source is not only an additional factor, but a key factor. Open Standards are the foundation of a new generation of interoperable, more connected software that the enterprise market demands.

We want to create, be in and contribute to open source projects.

Wedjaa is your partner. We work to support your business success today and expand your opportunities for tomorrow.


End-to-end solutions, System Integration, Consultancy services. Assisting our client in every challenge, from discovery and design, to delivery, maintenance and training.

Software Engineering

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IT Security

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Systems and Platforms

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Wedjaa Lab

Wedjaa Lab is the heart of Wedjaa, devoted to research and development.
We keep an eye on the IT world today. We understand the customer needs.

Security Research to offer secure solutions.

Technology Scouting of the newest software products and security tools.

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